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As we improve our printers and research new approaches to the problems our customers face, we learn more and more about how to tackle issues associated with 3D printing. In our news blog, we share these valuable insights with the world.

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Additive Manufacturing of Watertight Parts

20/11/2020 15:24:24 In News
additive manufacturing, 3d printing, watertight, prototypes, abs, aquaculture, fish, airtight, inter-layer, bonding
3D Printing of watertight underwater camera housing for aquaculture systems using Orion AM's proprietary thermal radiation heating system

3D Printing PEEK of Injection-Molded Quality

21/04/2020 14:14:03 In News
peek, 3d printing, material quality, engineering-grade plastics, printing, crystallinity, inter-layer bonding, interlayer bonding, fdm printing
Overcoming the boundaries of 3D printing when it comes to inter-layer bonding, achieving high crystallinity, and preventing warping and deformation.

Industrial Additive Manufacturing with Aerospace-Grade materials

19/06/2019 16:30:47 In News
3d printing, peek, crystallinity, fdm printing, inter-layer bonding, interlayer bonding, material quality, idtechex 2019
Orion's patent pending technology applies thermal radiation to anneal thermal stresses, improve crystallinity and improve inter-layer bonding.