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The new A150 system is out!

What we do?

Orion AM produces the most advanced 3D printer for industrial additive manufacturing with high-performance polymers like  PEEK, PEI, PPSU  and more. 

 Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany, the Orion AM systems enable additive manufacturing of production ready parts without compromises on material properties.

Who is it for?

The A150 AM system is designed for
Industrial Manufacturers, Research Institutes, Aerospace Companies
and Medical Device Manufacturers.




How does it work?

We combine a Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) process with Thermal Radiation Heating to heat the material (not the air) up to 320°C.  This fuses the layers together to achieve injection molded like strength in 3D printed parts.

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Industrial 3D Printers

Get the best 3D prints with high performance polymers, and experience the faster production of prototypes and end-use parts with the A150

3D Printing Services

We offer additive manufacturing services to rapidly prototype, test, and produce custom components at lower than traditional cost.

Engineering consulting 

We provide engineering advice and deliver technical solutions to get your prototypes ready for AM, and aid in the design and testing of your solutions.

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