About us

Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Beyond...

Our Vision

Our Mission

At Orion we focus on scientific research and development of Additive Manufacturing technologies for solving the complex problems of today and building the innovative solutions of tomorrow.

We believe in using the technologies that we develop in a responsible and ethical manner for the improvement of society and humanity as a whole.  Our curiosity fuels exploration, which drives us to innovate, create more advanced tools and further nurture our knowledge.  These are the elemental principles at the core of Orion Additive Manufacturing and what inspires us in what we do.

Our Vision

We aim to drive innovation through Industrial Additive Manufacturing for advanced applications using Aerospace-Grade Polymers. 

These super-plastics, also known as High Performance Polymers, are as durable as metal and have a wide range of applications in Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Semi-Conductor industries.  Additive Manufacturing with these advanced polymers offer limitless engineering applications.  Journey forward is only just beginning.

As AM continues to evolve, in the future we envision supporting space exploration missions and interplanetary colonization through additive manufacturing of high performance, lightweight components that can be produced from Earth, in space or on other planets.

Meet the Team


Adam Rumjahn, Managing Director

Founder and chief visionary, Adam is the driving force behind Orion AM. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the hardware, marketing and the Customer Experience strategies.

Axel Stab, CTO

Axel loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience as Managing Director in a motion control electronics company, he is best suited for guiding Orion AM's technical strategy moving forward.

Marien Wolthuis, Lead engineer

As an enthusiastic maker with a background in both industrial design engineering and software, Marien enjoys nothing more than to make things work better than ever before. He is responsible for taking our products forward in both capability and reliability.